The rehabilitation project

The traditional Alpujarran house integrated housing functions and a self-sufficient way of life, combining under the same roof living quarters, farm implements, barn, animal stables and even a barn-barn. Stables, barn and hayloft on the ground floor overlooking the fields and street, and rooms for the family (dining room-kitchen and bedrooms) on the first floor.

A good part of the rammed earth walls of the ground floor were respected in the renovation, as well as the layout of the ground floor, with the stable being used as a bathroom/resting room and barn. On floor -1, facing the countryside, the old hayloft was excavated to fit out a dining room and small cellar + toilet, leaving the rock on which the part of the house that rises from the street is built in its crude state. The other half that rises from the orchard (at noon) was replaced, given its fragility, with a thermo-clay enclosure on a metal structure.

The result is a house that respects the essence of the Alpujarra, adapting to the new times and the needs sought by the owner as a rural house, with its gaze directed and enraptured towards the valley, to where, respectively and by floors, wide sliding doors open in the dining room that occupies the lower floor, rectangular balcony in the ground floor room, and another balcony bravely overhanging the landscape on the upper floor, where there are also large windows behind an interpretation of the typical triangular lattice but replacing bricks with long wooden slats painted white. All this is crowned by a terrace with unbeatable views over the Contraviesa and Sierra de Gador, where the back has been resolved as a bioclimatic roof planted with sedum.

From the terrace skylights open up to provide the first floor with a festival of light.

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