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South of Granada

Who better to describe one of the most attractive and picturesque places in the Alpujarra than the English writer Gerald Brenan:

“There was something about the place that appealed to me. It was a poor village, high above the sea, with an immense panorama in front of it. Its grey cube-shaped houses, in a jagged Le Corbusier style, rapidly sloping down the hillside and close together, with their flat clay roofs and small smoking chimneys, suggested something built by insects”.

Al sur de

The House

La Casa del Viento is a rural house with an existence of more than 100 years that respects in its new appearance the essence of the Alpujarra, but adapting to the new times and needs sought by new travellers. Travellers looking to discover unique, healthy, and authentic villages and landscapes. In accordance with these keys and with respect for the vernacular architecture so special to the Alpujarra, it was refurbished in 2015. It offers 3 very spacious rooms with beautiful views of the orchard and the valley of coloured lands with small orchard-oasis.

The house is located in the village of Yegen, on the southern slopes of the Sierra Nevada, in the heart of the Alpujarra. Yegen is well known thanks to the English writer Brenan who lived there for many years and where he wrote the book “South of Granada”. You can still visit the inn where the writer stayed, now a small municipal museum. There is also a footpath around the village named after him.

Publications and Events

June 24
Feast of San Juan
Typical festivity in which there is the greatest concentration of ancient customs and superstitions. At the stroke...
January 2
Feast of the Holy Name of the Child Jesus
Yegen celebrates its patron saint festivities in January. The most important part of the festive programme is...
May 13
Pilgrimage of the Virgin to Montenegro
The village of Montenegro becomes every year a place of pilgrimage, both for the neighbours of the...


Casa de los Vientos


Callejón del Manzano, 19-21, Yegen (Alpujarra de la Sierra) 18460 – Granada