We would like to inform you about the health and safety measures we have taken in our rural accommodation for the safety of our customers and how we will act when you visit us. The summarised protocol that you will see in this document is based on the recommendations proposed by the ICTE (Institute for Spanish Tourist Quality).

We want to let you know how the whole process will be and that is why we ask you to accept the security and disinfection measures that we detail at the time of booking with us.

Arrival and departure

  • We will maintain a safety distance of at least 1,5 metres and the person in charge of welcoming you will wear a mask. Clients are also required to keep their distance. In this respect, clients will be asked to sign a declaration of responsibility.
  • We will avoid physical brochures or guides to reduce risk. Instead, we will try to provide you with all the information you need in digital format or by telephone.
  • You will find a disinfectant solution for your use in the accommodation.
  • To reduce the risk, we ask that you pay for your stay by bank transfer before arrival.
  • We will avoid sharing office material, such as pens. In any case, if they are shared, we will disinfect them after each use.
  • Both on arrival and departure from our rural accommodation, the keys will be placed in a container with disinfectant.

Cleaning and disinfection

  • We thoroughly clean and disinfect the accommodation every time our guests leave it.
  • We keep a record of the cleaning record for the information of the clients.

Room cleaning

  • The bathroom litter bin has a lid, bag and mechanical operation.
  • We reduce the number of waste bins to collect waste such as tissues, masks, etc., in a single collection point, with a lid and minimizing handling.
  • We minimize decoration as much as possible to reduce risks.
  • We collect all textiles in a bag after each use and seal them until they are processed in the laundry.
  • We condition rooms with clean linen and towels after the room has been disinfected to avoid cross-contamination.

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