Pilgrimage of the Virgin to Montenegro

The village of Montenegro becomes every year a place of pilgrimage, both for the neighbours of the surrounding villages (Mecina Bombarón, Yegen, Yátor, etc.), as well as for many people who want to enjoy a festive and spring day, in a unique environment and atmosphere, where the landscape, the surroundings and the good neighbourliness make […]

Feast of the Holy Name of the Child Jesus

Yegen celebrates its patron saint festivities in January. The most important part of the festive programme is the bullfight with horses and donkeys, which takes place every year at the most bullfighting and Lorca time on the 3rd: 5 o’clock in the afternoon. The procession of the ‘Niño’ always takes place on the 2nd, and […]

Feast of San Juan

Typical festivity in which there is the greatest concentration of ancient customs and superstitions. At the stroke of midnight, Saint John blesses all things that exist on earth: the fields, the crops, the trees, the rivers and the springs. In the old days, preparations began the evening before, with young men singing serenades under the […]